Garage sale season is upon us once again. Spring is in the air and planning begins for the event of the year, citywide garage sales. There is an art to having a successful garage sale. It takes more than just setting items out in your driveway. It takes planning, preparation and execution to get the most out of the sale. In planning the sales event you need to know why you are having this event in the first place, whether it is to make money for a trip, declutter closets or just to empty out the garage and storage units of old non-used items. An easy solution to make your garage sale successful is to host an “event” with several other people. That way you will have a variety of items to make people curious about what you have for sale. Like big-box stores, check out the competition before holding the event and see what items are selling and how they are presented. Be sure to pick your date and then visit city hall to get a permit if necessary. Once you have gathered all of the items, put together a price list. It is difficult for large garage sales to price each item. Make sure you group the items by price, and you can color-code items that will correlate back to the pricing sheets or signs. Advertising should be figured into your pricing. Add a few cents to the prices to offset the cost of getting your information out to the public. Craigslist, flyers, newspapers all cost to advertise while Facebook and word of mouth are free. Think of a catchy name for your garage sale like, “We’re cleaning out!” or “Our junk is your treasure”. The day before the sale the yard signs and pole signs should be hung. Make your signs of cardboard, colorful and use your catchy phrase so it triggers recognition to potential buyers. Once the sign is done spray it on both sides with acrylic spray gotten from a local paint store. The coating will keep the signs neat and dry from dew or rain. The day of the sale is money day. All partners should be present to help out in the areas they signed up for. Each partner should have a plastic tote will all of the essentials such as markers, calculator, string, price dots, hold tags, sold tags and a pad of paper to write down notes for next year. One person should be checked out and if needed have enough room for any of the other partners to come help if there is a backlog. When the last customer is gone be sure to assist anyone who has come pick up any heavy items. Have a plan for any leftover items. If the items are to go into storage until next year, have transportation ready and put the items in storage right away. If the items are to be donated, take the items to the donor immediately. Do not let items linger around or clutter the home or garage of the person who hosted the sale. Last, while the thoughts are present, talk about what went right and wrong. Make notes and have someone put an email together and send it to the entire team. You now have successfully completed your garage sale. See you next year.

Garage sale season is upon us once again. Spring is in the air and planning begins for the event of the year, citywide garage sales.