Panther Nutrition

Panther Nutrition opened in Mound City, Missouri, in October. They offer customers Herbalife products. Rachel Rieger, owner, and Julie Oldham from Mound City stand in the nutrition and wellness business.

Panther Nutrition opened in Mound City, Missouri, in October.

Rachel Rieger, owner, said the business sells products from the nutrition company Herbalife.

They offer customers specifically teas, lemonades, nutritious shakes and high protein coffees. In addition, they have kids drinks and protein balls.

She said the company Herbalife Nutrition is a club structured with a multi-level marketing model. She said clubs and stores are opening in different locations with their own names based on the community they are in.

Rieger said that Herbalife makes wellness and fitness products for drinks that can be combined based on the customers request.

“The basis of our business is specialty herbal teas,” Rieger said. “We take something nutritious and make it fun with different layers of colors and different flavors. There is natural energy and vitamins in the tea.”

She said one of their most popular teas is the peach ring which has peach, mango, pineapple and watermelon mixed together. Another combination that is often purchased by customers is called fallen leaves and has blackberry, strawberry, peach and raspberry.

They also make meal replacement shakes that have 20 grams of protein and they are gluten free.

The top sold shake flavors include salted caramel pretzel, Snickers, strawberry shortcake and orange julius.

“The shakes are a nutritious treat as well as a meal replacement,” Rieger said.

They offer add-ons to the drinks such as aloe in cranberry and mango flavors which is designed to support a healthy digestive system.

The lemonades are sugar free and have collagen in them. The flavors include blue, cherry, strawberry and watermelon.

The high protein coffees include flavors such as brown sugar cinnamon, white chocolate and mocha.

She said the protein balls sold in the store are made with her own recipe but still have the protein drink mix base.

The kids drinks do not have caffeine and are sugar free but they do have the protein additive from Herbalife and are served with candy on top.

She said customers can purchase the supplement bottles from the store to use at home.

Panther Nutrition is located at 604 State Street in Mound City. The hours are from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday. They can be called by phone at 660-442-1023.