Anderson Meats

Curtis and Janel Anderson opened a custom meat processing business in Troy, Kansas, in May.

Curtis and Janel Anderson opened a custom meat processing business in Troy, Kansas, in May.

A couple from Troy, Kansas, opened a custom meat processing business in May.

Curtis and Janel Anderson built a new building and meat locker facility in Doniphan County this year for their business Anderson Meats.

Curtis Anderson said he was a butcher for 9 years and has 30 years of experience in the meat processing industry.

The couple, along with friends and family in the community, constructed a brand new building and facility.

"We did the finishing work to the shop and have been working on it for over a year," Anderson said. "We would like to thank the members of the community that have helped us get the business off the ground. Our friends and family have put in some hours along with us. Without them, I wouldn't be this far."

He said the animals they process are deer, cattle, hog and sheep.

"Customers can bring in the animals they want us to process," Anderson said. "We do custom cuts of fresh meat. I offer all meat cuts that are available in a grocery store such as ground meat, steaks and roast. I can cut the meat the way customers prefer it."

He said he can process livestock a week out and can quickly serve customers.

Anderson said they will process deer during the upcoming hunting seasons in Kansas and Missouri. His initial processing fee for fresh cuts of deer meat is $100.

"I do a lot of deer processing," Anderson said. "I offer ground deer meat or fresh cut steaks as part of the custom initial processing fee. We can also make summer sausage and jerky."

In the new year, he plans to offer a country retail store in the front of the shop where customers can buy meat off the shelf.

Anderson Meats is located at 1187 Last Chance Road in Troy, Kansas. They can be contacted by phone at 785-985-2292. They can also be found on Facebook at Anderson Meats.