Eclipz Popcorn

Dillon Cox has opened a gourmet popcorn and premium ice cream shop in downtown St. Joseph.

A local man recently opened a gourmet popcorn and premium ice cream shop in St. Joseph.

Dillon Cox from Savannah, Missouri, started Eclipz Gourmet Popcorn in 2017 in his parent’s garage. He moved to a location on the Belt Highway in 2018. The shop moved to downtown St. Joseph last year and incorporated scooped ice cream and rolled ice cream.

Cox said their gourmet popcorn is made in-house in small batches. They have just over 40 flavors of popcorn available to customers.

“Each flavor is unique and we have an array of flavors and colors,” Cox said. “The popcorn is made in less than two gallon batches at a time.”

He said popular flavors include caramel apple, birthday cake, jalapeno cheddar and dill pickle.

The shop then decided to add scoop ice cream to their lineup.

He purchases his product from the Ice Cream Factory in Eldon, Missouri.

“We currently have 12 flavors on display at a time,” Cox said. “We offer a 12-percent milk fat premium ice cream.”

In addition, Cox said they are the only location in St. Joseph that makes rolled ice cream. The ice cream is made on a cold steel surface in front of the customer.

“We use a cream base and it is homemade in the shop,” Cox said. “It is customized to the customers liking. It’s great for families and groups because they can all have something different.”

The shop is located across from the Coleman Hawkins Park on Felix Street Square. On Fridays at 6:30 p.m. there will be live music through the summer.

Eclipz Gourmet Popcorn is located at 714 Felix Street in St. Joseph. They can be contacted by phone at 816-617-4539 or on Facebook.