Kaitlyn Paxton is expanding the flower and plant options for customers at Huckleberry Gardens in Savannah, Missouri.

Huckleberry Gardens in Savannah, Missouri, has expanded their line of flower and plant options this spring season.

Kaitlyn Paxton, owner, said she began the business making fairy gardens in high school but this is the third year she has run the greenhouse business.

She said customers will find more types of plants this year and the business continues to grow.

“I have a wider selection than last year,” Paxton said. “I just had one greenhouse last year at the Savannah sales location. This year, I added a second greenhouse at my house so I can store a larger variety of plants than I had before.”

The garden opened on April 9 and will close at the end of May or when all inventory is sold.

Paxton said the most commonly sold flowers are petunias, geraniums and succulents.

She also specializes in selling unique containers and antique planters. “I find unique containers at different places like garage sales or antique shops,” Paxton said. “They are one-of-a-kind containers that you can’t find just anywhere. I have hanging baskets as well that you can’t get other places.”

She said customers can buy flowers and take them home to plant or they can purchase pre-made planters. “I can do custom planters for people that have a flower pot that they already own and want flowers planted,” Paxton said.

Paxton teaches agriculture classes at North Platte junior high and high school. One of her students, Quincy Justus, sells Good Dog-Dog Treats at the greenhouse retail store.

In the store location, she also sells products made by her parents Harold and Jana Ruoff. Her father makes lamps out of industrial parts such as gauges and her mother sells paintings of flowers.

Huckleberry Gardens is located at 9229 Highway 59 in Savannah. They can be contacted by phone at 816-332-3563.

They can be found on facebook at

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