Jeremie Howell from H&H Arts uses traditional blacksmithing techniques to make items for customers.

H&H Arts based in Carrollton, Missouri, makes handmade items for customers using antler art and blacksmithing.

Artists Jeremie Howell and Ashley Hart started the antler work in 2016 and began blacksmithing a year ago.

Howell said he finds the majority of the antlers during the spring season outdoors and they are given antlers by other people.

“I don’t purchase the antlers from a supplier,” Howell said. “I spend a lot of time walking in the woods to get them or someone will drop them off for me to use.”

The items he has made using antlers include whistles, necklaces, crosses, hearts, sea turtles and mushrooms.

“I use files and hand-sanding to make orders using the antlers,” Howell said. “It takes time because everything has to be sanded by hand using a fine tooth file.”

Hart said they began to blacksmith using traditional techniques in the last year. They attend community events and shows where they demonstrate how to blacksmith.

“We use all the old-style equipment and methods,” Hart said. “It’s all coal-forged and hammered by hand as opposed to using mostly power tools.”

Howell said he makes bottle openers, keychains, nails, letter openers and candle holders using blacksmithing.

They are active members of the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri and often receive advice from the group.

“The organization encouraged me to get involved in doing shows which I wasn’t doing before,” Howell said. “I’ve really learned a lot from being in the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri. They have helped me and shown me the ropes. We are a very close group.”

H&H Arts can be contacted by phone at 660-542-4193 and 660-542-4181. They can be reached by email at They can be found on Facebook by searching for H & H ARTS.

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