Aged Goodness Antique Store

The Aged Goodness Antique Store in downtown Horton, Kansas, has recently expanded to a second nearby store. Their volunteers are Lonnie Boller, Don and Vickie Groshong, Sue Maxwell, Wes Hedrick, Janice Crider, Sue Ann Hoffman, Ann Grove, Gene and Spencer Barrett, Ron Nelson, Joey Montes, Janet McClaskey and Ruth Jamvold.

The Aged Goodness Antique Store in downtown Horton, Kansas, has recently expanded to a second nearby store.

Connie Werner, co-manger, said the newly opened second location is a consignment store called Home Décor Reinvented. She manages the stores with Connie Yaussi with the goal of organizing stores in the community where unique products are offered to customers.

Werner said the first store opened a little over a year ago and is part of Reinvent Horton which is a nonprofit organization in the city. The group started after a city wide meeting with Marcus Lemonis who is the entrepreneur and host of the TV show “The Profit.”

The community then decided to come together for the purpose of promoting the development and rehabilitation of Horton and its surrounding area while preserving its historic roots.

Werner said any extra money raised from the sale of the store products will be put back into the community.

A few projects they are working on or have completed is the cleaning and painting of a number of downtown buildings and the installation of four new clocks in the City Hall Clock Tower. They have also upgraded Rock Island Park and improved the landscape across town by planting flowers, trees and shrubs.

Werner said the daily operations of both store locations are completely run by local volunteers and by members of Reinvent Horton’s board of directors. They coordinate times that work best for each individual.

“We are looking for more volunteers and vendors as our plans are to open a third store in the very near future,” Werner said. “None of this could have been done without the dedication of the volunteers. They have helped by offering labor, money or just being around to cheer everyone on.”

Werner said they have a wide range of items for sale at the stores that are geared to families.

They offer a selection of antiques and repurposed items for shoppers to view. The items they offer include mirrors, jewelry and kitchenware.

“We have products that highlight our city,” Werner said. “We have signs that touch on a piece of history of the city of Horton. Our town has a history of trains with the railroad so we have a few vendors with trains.”

They also have products that are locally made including a vendor that makes outdoor furniture.

Werner said they currently have around 40 vendors with items for sale in one store and have other products available in the second store on consignment.

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers and vendors that make running these stores possible,” Werner said. “We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without the community coming together.”

Aged Goodness Antiques is located at 132 W. 8th Street in Horton, Kansas. They can be contacted by phone at 785-487-4435.