Street Rods club

The Northwest Missouri Street Rods club was established in 1980. The club has around 60 members.

The Northwest Missouri Street Rods club was established in 1980. The club has around 60 members.

Members of the Northwest Missouri Street Rods club will showcase their cars once a month at the East Ridge Village parking lot in St. Joseph through October.

Kat King, member, said the club was established in August of 1980. She said members are not required to own a street rod or a pre-1948 vehicle to become a member. However, those interested are required to attend three club functions before they can be eligible for membership.

On the second Saturday of every month they hold the “Cruise-N The Village” event at 5 p.m. in the village parking lot near McAlister’s Deli. She said there are typically around 100 cars participating in the event and there are 60 members in the club.

There is no fee for individuals to show their vehicles or for spectators to attend.

She said the public is encouraged to bring can goods that will be donated to local food banks and the club will match all money donations.

King said a benefit of club membership is that they offer technical and building advice. They provide car safety recommendations and access to fellow members and NSRA inspections.

The club centers their activities on friendships and they hold picnics, monthly winter breakfasts and a Christmas party.

“We are proud of the fellowship we have acquired and of the service to the community we have produced over the years,” King said. “Our cruises and shows have allowed us to substantially benefit many deserving local charities and support fellow members in need.”

Dr. Bill Gondring has provided the parking space for the club to hold the cruise and he offers meeting space for the club. He said his fascination with red convertibles began in 1964 after entering the Navy.

In addition, families have joined the club.

Bob Langner Sr. is part of the club along with his son Bob and his grandson Ian. The three generations of the Langner family have travelled across the country to showcase and race their cars.

For more information on the club, contact King by phone at 816-233-0312.