New Beginnings Alpaca Farm LLC in Cameron, Missouri, will open to the public in September.

Michael and Kari Wilcox along with their daughter Kasidy run the growing alpaca farm on their property. They will offer tours, parties and primitive camping on the farm.

The idea to raise alpacas came about after their daughter selected the animal for an FFA project.

Kari Wilcox said they started by purchasing three alpacas from YaYa’s Alpaca Farm in Garden City, Missouri, in 2019.

She said they currently have five male alpacas and 14 female alpacas, including three born on their property.

In addition, they plan to sell alpaca products to the public in a shop.

The alpacas will be sheared in the spring and the fiber will be sent to a processor that will use it to make items including hats, gloves, socks and rugs.

They also will sell soil amendment that improves soil health.

Michael Wilcox said caring for the animals includes trimming their teeth, cutting their toenails and deworming them.

He said they have wading pools with water the alpacas can use to cool off during the summer. They graze on the pasture and do not often tear the grass out of the ground.

The couple will offer tours of their farm with a limit of 24 people per tour. The alpacas can be fed by those taking the tours.

There will be a $5 admission fee but children 3 and under will be free. There is no charge for veterans.

The farm will have two campsites that can house up to 10 people each.

New Beginnings Alpaca Farm is a member of the Alpaca Owners Association, which is the world’s largest alpaca association. They also are a veteran-owned business.

The farm will accept money donations from the public. They are in need of small hay bales for the winter. Alpacas prefer orchard grass hay bales.

New Beginnings Alpaca Farm is located at 9256 NE A Highway in Cameron.

They can be contacted by phone at 816-646-0129 and can be found on Facebook at New Beginnings Alpaca Farm.