The first Savannah Farmers Market of the year was on July 10. Marylin Coulter, left, and Kimmee Jackson, right, from Kimmee’s Konfectioneries in St. Joseph sold homemade desserts.

The Savannah Farmers Market was held in Andrew County for the first time this year.

Samantha Taylor, founder and organizer of the market, said Savage Saturdays Farmers Market will be held the second Saturday of the month at the Savannah Square. The first event was held on July 10.

The next farmers market will be on Aug. 14 from 8 a.m. until noon and there is no fee to attend. The event will be held once a month until October.

Taylor said there will be no fee for vendors to participate in the market and they are still accepting new businesses.

“The items sold have to be home-grown, homemade or personally designed by the seller,” Taylor said. “This event isn’t about making money off the vendors. It is free to participate. I want to give a business a chance to be a part of the market and reach new customers.”

She said the first market sold items such as homemade dessert, pimento cheese, fresh-picked sweet corn, tomatoes, fresh flower bouquets, handmade jewelry and houseplants.

“The farmers market is open to any business that has locally-made items and we will accept similar vendors,” Taylor said. “Each vendor is unique and highlights different aspects of their business. There is also no rule that requires vendors to attend each farmers market. They can opt to attend the dates that they are available.”

Taylor said a registration form is required to be completed by the vendor before the farmers market opens each month. The farmers market is a rain or shine event.

For more information on the farmers market or to become a vendor, contact Taylor by phone at 660-215-0795. They can be found on Facebook at Savage Saturdays.

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